Integrating The Shadow


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Hi world,



Do you ever feel like a loser?
A big fat loser without reasonable logic

Or do you feel like a winner?
A big fat winner in life

Either way, it is a state of mind.  How about we think outside of the box for a moment?  Outside of the box here we go
Night and day
Neither night nor day
Neither good nor bad
Neither loser nor winner

What if all of you are a dynamic version of the creator, creative work in motion. Sometimes you feel this or that. Sometimes the good or bad feeling depends on the context of which culture you subscribe to, the culture determines what is good or bad. Acceptable or unacceptable.

Why is it that we human society label either good or bad ‘behaviors’ like a cereal box and end up swimming alongside the construct of reality defined by . . . who again? Why again?
Sometimes I judge others’ anger and think wow I have anger too.  Anger is an emotion, neither good nor bad. Why shove it away? Use it as a constructive fuel.
Some society says ‘arrogance’ is a bad character and therefore when seeing the arrogance, I automatically judge the arrogant.

Smiling inner self,
[ Arrogance is in all of us
Why shall you judge my arrogance,
Yet you fail to see your arrogance ]

Hypocritical | Mysterious  | Sadistic

Tell me what you want me to be and I’ll be just the opposite
Yes this is a Rebel speaking
Rebel is tired of deciphering what is contextually correct or incorrect
The juicy energy I spend abiding in such a construct makes one feel trapped in one’s soul
Trapped in the body

Well, the Rebel says,
[ Hey Arrogance, how are you doing? How can we collaborate to navigate the society so that no one gets taken for granted or taken advantage of or be judged inaccurately ]

Due to the weird conundrum of the man-made societal law, we often contradict ourselves, massive.

Rebel says let’s rebel and simplify
Just be yourself
Love yourself ruthlessly
Love others ruthlessly, who the cranking care?
Respect yourself
Go after what you want, the only caveat is that you are not in the way of others from achieving.  With collaboration, radical self-acceptance, love of life— we can transform the old notion of what is right or wrong

How may I implement this new paradigm?

  • Mind my business
    Embrace all of me
    Let go of emotions attached to the labels
    Reflect on my shadow aspect
    Seek to understand me and others
    Let love lead the way
    Discern each moment of reality with radical acceptance
    Improve virtue by what feels internally pure
    Have pure intention from the heart to do well

I am not a loser nor a winner
I am that, I am
I am whoever I choose to be in each moment
I am perfect as I am
I am an imperfect human, working progress of evolution
I am beautiful by the fact that I exist
I am royal, integrating wholeness
I am loyal in my evolutionary process
I am that, I am
I am one with the creator




Beauty is the power of integration
Beauty is the power of your dark side
Beauty is the power of radical acceptance

Carl Jung and the Shadow: Integrating the Hidden Power of Your Dark Side
by Academy of Ideas

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